Brand Strategy and Developmemt
Is your brand positioned for long-term sustainability? Whether it is a start-up or an established enterprise, we take an unparalleled approach to understanding the qualitative and quantitative factors of its ideal customers and market share opportunities.
Mobile App Development
As the demand for mobile application increases globally, we have the capabilities to guide brands through the entire creation process: project scope, wireframes, design, development, testing, and launch.
Websites and Hosting
The foundation of your online presence all begins with your brand's website. Our team of back and front end web developers, as well as, web and graphic designers, all work cohesively in guiding through the entire life cycle of the website creation.
Search Engine Optimization
Over 90% of consumer purchases begin with a search engine visit. Therefore, it is vital to implement on-page, off-page, and technical SEO techniques to build trust, credibility, and ultimately provide a better experience for users.
Social Media Management
Prospective customers and competitors utilize social media platforms daily, which gives brands no excuses in not building their social accounts. Through our understanding of social algorithms, we accomplish our social media goals by maximizing brand reaches and engagement with potential customers.
Whether you are in need of content for social media, a logo for your business, flyers, presentations, gifs, or creatives in general, our vast team of graphic designers create content that resides with brands and its potential customers.
Video Editing
Research shows that over 95% of viewers retain a message by video rather than reading it in text. Consequently, our team understands the importance of bringing videos alive by blending images, sounds, re-sequencing clips, adding transitions and other special effects to fully engage the user's undivided attention.
No more stock photos! Your media represents your brand and as everyone knows it, ``content is king``. With our vast group of photo and videographers, when can create compelling media to boost perception, capture memorable events on or off-premise, increase visibility, get customers intrigued and more!
Film Production
Every business has a story and our objective is to exquisitely articulate it through video. Whether you have a specific project for us or would like our film production team to create distinctive videos pertaining to your brand, we assure to resonate with your targeted audience.
Lead Generation / Advertising
Research shows more than 85% of customers use Google as their search engine and more than 56% of Americans utilize social media platforms. The potential of generating new interest in products and services through strategic ads is undoubtedly a cost-effective avenue in maximizing your brand’s exposure digitally.
Email Newsletters
Research shows 99% of consumers use email daily, averaging nearly 20% in open rate. There are no doubts, email marketing can be one of the most cost-effective marketing tactics with a true benefit to ROI. Our creative team can create unique campaigns with copywriting and visuals pertaining to your ideal customer.
Our vast team of experts can be hired to plan, execute, and monitor marketing strategies and campaigns across a wide spectrum of digital services to ensure all targets of the business are met and unnecessary objectives are removed.

Why Choose MMG?

Over the last 4 years, we have applied our digital marketing fundamentals to more than 40 clients in 10 different industries – no matter the product or service – digital marketing has become a vital part to growing an organizations bottomline year over year.

Knowing how integral this is for organizations gives our team great excitement to not only guide but also lead client’s and their teams through an unfamiliarized online transformation that our team fully understands day in, day out.

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